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Radio, print, TV, billboards—nothing delivers customers with the speed, reach, and power of a Groupon campaign. Plus there's no upfront cost. Try asking for that from any of your other advertising channels.

Flexible Marketing, Growth on Your Terms

Flexible Marketing, Growth on Your Terms

We're here to help your business grow. Tell us how many customers you need, and we'll create an email, online, and mobile marketing campaign that meets your goals. By adjusting customer volume and campaign length, you can reach more customers and grow in a way that works best for your business.

The High-Quality Customers You Want

Groupon helps deliver the type of customers that fuel your business growth. They're generally young, educated, and affluent decision-makers who return to and spend more at the places they love.


have a household income greater
than $100k 1


are female 1


have a college degree and 14% have a graduate degree 1


are 18-44 1

1 ForeSee, Groupon Customer Satisfaction Study, June 2014

New Customers, Big Spenders, Influencers

When Groupon customers discover a new favorite business, they spend more, make repeat visits, and refer their friends.


of customers would not have gone to the merchant if not for the Groupon deal 1


of customers spend beyond the value of the deal 2


of customers say they are likely to return to the merchant again 1


of customers have referred someone to the business 1

2 Internal redemption data, January 2013–June 2014

Experienced Support

Experienced Support

We've built the world's largest local marketplace, with 53.2 million active customers, 200+ million global subscribers, 600+ million deals sold to date, nearly 92 million mobile downloads, and innovative, proprietary technology and tools. 3

More than 650,000 merchants have already been featured in our marketplace—put our experience and scale to work for you!

3 Internal data, Q2 2014

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