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Radio, print, TV, billboards—nothing delivers customers with the speed, reach, and power of a Groupon advertising campaign. Plus there's no upfront cost. Try asking for that from your other marketing channels.

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We're committed to delivering the exposure and results you want. Tell us how many customers you need, and we'll provide a mix of online, email, mobile, and social promotion to meet your goals.

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Groupon customers are collectors of new experiences, but loyal to the places they love. They’re always ready to spend more at great local businesses and quick to recommend favorite spots to friends.


of customers were trying the merchant for the first time 1


of customers spend beyond the value of the deal 2


of customers have referred someone to the business 1


of customers say they are likely to return to the merchant again 1

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Join one of the world's largest local and mobile marketplaces, with 53.9 million active customers, 260+ million global subscribers, 900+ million deals sold to date, and nearly 110 million app downloads. 3

More than 950,000 businesses have grown with Groupon. Put our local marketing and advertising solutions to work for you!

1 ForeSee, Groupon Customer Satisfaction Study (U.S. Only), January 2015 (commissioned by Groupon). Recent purchasers surveyed on most recent Groupon purchase.

2 Internal Redemption Data, November 2010–October 2014 (in instances where a merchant has recorded a total bill)

3 Groupon Internal Data, Q4 2014. Units reflect vouchers and products sold before cancellations and refunds.

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