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"At the end of the day, Groupon saved my Zoo."
— Carolyn F. from ZOOMARS Petting Zoo in Orange County, CA
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Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Learn how Groupon helped Cevíche Tapas Bar and Restaurant fill tables at each of its locations during offseason months.
Capricious Skin Care
Find out how Capricious Skin Care was able to establish its own skincare and cosmetics lines thanks to its Groupon promotion.
Blue Back Dental
Discover how Groupon gave Blue Black Dental the opportunity to transform new customers into repeat clients with its superior service.
Appearance Dermatology
Hear how Appearance Dermatology kept Groupon customers coming back.
Charles Ifergan Salon & Day Spa
See how Groupon helped Charles Ifergen Salon and Day Spa attract customers who fit its usual demographics.
Danny's Cafe & Deli
Hear why Danny's Cafe and Deli thinks Groupon is more effective than traditional advertising.
Bagel Factory
See how Groupon helped Bagel Factory take its small business to the next level without any upfront costs.
Cesar's Killer Margaritas
Learn how Groupon helped Cesar's Killer Margaritas prepare for its first promotion.
Find out how A-WOL's Groupon customers helped spread the word of the aerial dance collective's classes.
AJ Auto Detailing
See why AJ Auto Detailing's Groupon profits didn't stop with vouchers.
Adventures Unlimited
Find out how running on Groupon doubled Adventures Unlimited's business.
The Awful Waffle
Learn how Groupon helped The Awful Waffle attract a family crowd that it couldn't reach otherwise.
Adventure Rock Indoor Climbing Gym
See how Adventure Rock turned Groupon buyers into returning customers.
Adrift Hotel and Spa
See how Groupon helped make Adrift Hotel and Spa's feature a breeze.
770 Salon
Check out how a Groupon helped generate crossover business for 770 Salon.
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