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Cranberry Café

Type of Business: Restaurant
Groupon Market(s): Philadelphia, PA
In Business Since: 2007
My Groupon Solutions:

Cranberry Café’s Case Study

Cranberry Café credits traditional marketing's hit-or-miss results as part of its decision to give Groupon a try. After Groupon's analytics helped the café pinpoint its target audience, Groupon Rewards persuaded nearly 90% of them to keep coming back-with no additional effort from the café's staff.

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  Video Transcript
90% of [Groupon customers] have become regular customers. Groupon Rewards...there's no better way to thank your customers and reward them.
—  Susan H. from Cranberry Café

Want to talk to a Groupon Specialist? Call (888) 582-4354

We're here Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CDT