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Sombrero Ranches

Type of Business: Activities
Groupon Market(s): Denver, CO
In Business Since: 1958
My Groupon Solutions:

Sombrero Ranches’ Case Study

Sombrero Ranches wanted to do more of what it loves-give people the opportunity to get on a horse. With access to Groupon's broad customer base and scanners simple enough for the entire staff to use, it was easy for the business to fill more saddles and share its passion with more people.

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  Video Transcript
It's a technique for marketing and volume. It's not costing you anything, it's actually making you money...there just isn't a downside.
—  Cody W. from Sombrero Ranches

Want to talk to a Groupon Specialist? Call (888) 582-4354

We're here Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CDT