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The Food Evolution

Type of Business: Services
Groupon Market(s): New York City, NY
In Business Since: 2010
My Groupon Solutions:

The Food Evolution’s Case Study

The Food Evolution worked with Groupon on a deal that drew customers from as far as an hour away. Founder Diane Hoch found Groupon to be the top business in its industry and was very pleased at the high quality of its staff, support, and customers-more than 50% of whom have returned for repeat visits.

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  Video Transcript
Groupon is at the top of their game-quality of people who work at Groupon, the support...the quality of the ad, and we love that customer.
—  Diane H. from The Food Evolution

Want to talk to a Groupon Specialist? Call (888) 582-4354

We're here Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CDT