Is Being a Business Owner Flexible

woman relaxing with laptopOften when people start their own business they do so because they feel that being their own boss will give them needed flexibility for family, or because they want to create the kind of work environment in which they want to work. Maybe they’ve always dreamed of being able to bring their dog to work. Maybe they’re wondering how a traditional job will allow them to pay for childcare. But does owning your own business really bring you that flexibility? Continue Reading ❯

How to Segment Email Lists

junk mailOne of the biggest marketing trends right now is customization – and I don’t mean offering monogram services, either. I mean sending your customers the right information at the right time based on their past behavior – purchasing, browsing-but-not-buying, or other activities.

Integrating a customized approach into your small business isn’t hard. The best way to start is email segmentation. When you break your email list into groups, you will see a much higher return on your email marketing efforts. Continue Reading ❯

Leap Day Marketing Ideas

boys jumping in snowI might make a little more of a big deal out of Leap Day than most people. In my defense, my daughter was born on Leap Day, so in our family this once every four year day is a big, big deal. Even if you don’t have a personal reason to celebrate Leap Day, the fact remains that every four years you’re given an extra day to do something good for your business. Here are some ideas for using it. Continue Reading ❯

Best Social Media Dashboards for Small Businesses

people using social mediaHave you ever wondered how big brands always know what people are saying about them on social media? Have you ever wondered how someone can be posting tweets at 6:00 a.m. and again at 3:00 p.m.? It’s because they use social media dashboards. Using a social media dashboard has been a lifesaver for my own small business. Because you can see all of your social media accounts at once, you are immediately more productive – no logging into separate accounts and switching between tabs on your browser. Continue Reading ❯

The Difficult Customer

Two customers and waiterToday I stopped in at one of my favorite local businesses. I needed coffee and I wanted to talk to the owner about a non-profit event he’s going to host. I had purposely come at what I thought would be a slow time, so that he would be able to talk. When I came in I was surprisingly pleased to see the place was jumping. Then, in walked the crazy. Continue Reading ❯

How to Write Effective Blog Posts

young woman writingSpecial to GrouponWorks from Daniel Donovan of Max Effect Marketing

Content is an extremely important aspect to growing your digital presence and reaching new audiences to convert to regular customers. Many business owners write blogs to remain active on their website. However, many of these same business owners do not understand the importance of blogs and how to use them to drive SEO rankings and convert their narrative to paying customers. Continue Reading ❯

News Update: East Coast Storm Edition

clock with snowAs often happens in winter, the weather really dominated the news this weekend. While thanks to El Niño a lot of the country is enjoying a milder than normal winter, the East Coast was slammed with snow. On Thursday, Washington D.C. mayor was already apologizing for a less than adequate response and that was before the big storm hit. What else happened this weekend? Continue Reading ❯