Are You Solving Your Problems for the Long Term

problem solvingIs 2015 your year? Will you be starting or expanding a new business? Have you made a commitment to creating the life you want for yourself both personally and professionally?  Every month business coach Terri Brukhartz will share her tips and thoughts on how you can create the life and the business you want.  Read Terri’s earlier posts in the series here.

I’ve been reading a lot lately and one theme in particular keeps coming up. It comes up in different ways, but it’s always pointing to the same thing: Are you paying attention to what really matters to you, or simply doing what needs to get done? Continue Reading ❯

#TBT Cash Only (A Time Before Credit Cards)

a lot of credit cardsIt’s pretty hard for most of us to imagine a time before the modern, plastic credit card. It’s a given that most businesses now accept credit cards. In fact, many customers have grown accustomed to carrying no cash at all. But how did we arrive at the credit card we know and love today? Continue Reading ❯

How to Convert Website Visitors to Customers

website designThe poor home page – you really have to feel bad for it. It is so misunderstood. Instead of instantly converting visitors into customers, there are instead thousands upon thousands of home pages out there that are scaring potential customers away – permanently.

Of course, your home page is probably perfect fine, but just in case, take a look at it as you read through these five rock solid tips that are proven to convert website visitors into customers. Continue Reading ❯

6 Ways to Use Periscope for Marketing

symbol for periscopeWhen Periscope, the live video streaming app, first came out, it barely registered on my already overloaded social media radar. But now that I’m getting to know it, I am quickly falling in love with its potential as a powerful marketing tool for business.

If you haven’t yet, definitely download the app onto your smartphone and play around with it. It’s very easy to use, so you’ll get a hang of it quickly. A couple of things to keep in mind: Continue Reading ❯

Business News Recap, Late August Edition

woman holding open signHere’s the small business news you may have missed from this week:

News Thumbtack published its annual small business friendliness survey. Texas, New Hampshire, Utah, Louisiana, and Colorado topped the list of business-friendly states.

Many baby boomer business owners are reaching retirement age, which brings up the question of what to do with the business afterward. The New York Times highlighted the story of three business partners and how they are approaching retirement.

The hack of Ashley Madison, a controversial dating platform, serves as a bleak reminder to all businesses that it’s important to invest in security for sensitive online data. Not only that, but also information on the Internet lives forever, as The Washington Post pointed out.  Continue Reading ❯

The EMV Emergency

EMVWe told you about the Facebook Apocalypse and Google’s Mobilegeddon, but if you’re a brick and mortar store there’s an even bigger storm coming your way on October 1st, the EMV Emergency. October 1st is the deadline by which all businesses will have to migrate to EMV-enabled technology or be considered liabile for any fraud that takes place on their point of sale machines. Wait, what does that mean?

Continue Reading ❯

What You Need to Know about Purchases on Google

EcommerceWe live in an instant gratification world. If we want something, we want to buy it now, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

That’s where Purchases from Google comes into the picture. Even though we spend more time on mobile devices than on desktops, we make twice as many purchases on desktops. Quite the disconnect! Purchases on Google aims to change that, so here’s what you need to know about it. Continue Reading ❯

Social Media for Small Business Owners, Best Practices

Social media resolutionsWe use social media differently for our businesses than in our personal lives. Our audience is different, our message is different, and sometimes the way we deliver it (ahem, advertising) is different.

If you’ve been using social media on a personal level for a long time and are now jumping into social media marketing, there are a lot of guidelines that are good to be aware of on the top sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, particularly. A few that transcend sites are: Continue Reading ❯