Mother’s Day News You Can Use

Mother's DayMother’s Day is right around the corner. While you may be planning your own festivities for your mom, you also have to prepare your business for increased traffic. Here’s some news and insight to help you prepare:

Marketing  Mother’s Day is a $20 billion holiday in the U.S. With more people shopping online, retailers could use some insight about how Mother’s Day shoppers are using search engines to hunt for gifts. Bing Ads provided some useful information, which Search Engine​ Land reported in a rundown of search data for interested parties.  Continue Reading ❯

10 Ways to Update Your Marketing for Spring

SpringDepending on where you live in the U.S., spring could be in full swing or still trying to get out of first gear. Either way, the month of April brings promises of warm sunny days, new growth, and fresh starts – which means it’s the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning.

Here are 10 ways to freshen up your marketing strategy for the spring: Continue Reading ❯

6 Ways to Optimize Your Tweets for Google

optimize your tweetsThis past winter, Google and Twitter announced a partnership that will make tweets instantly searchable on Google. Because Google is undoubtedly the Grand Emperor of Search, this is a big deal – especially for small businesses who actively use Twitter.

Even though this feature hasn’t rolled out yet (and there have been no hints about when it might happen), it’s never too early to spiff up and optimize your tweets for Google. That way, when the feature does go live, you will automatically be well-positioned for a nice boost in online visibility.

Here are 6 ways to optimize your tweets for Google: Continue Reading ❯

Educating the Customer

college students in classI am sitting in an eerily quiet house. The quiet is eerie because I’m in the middle of a major house reconstruction. For the past few days there has been a parade of men with power tools coming in and out of my front and back door. There have been strange, loud noises and falling debris. Today, I know there are three guys in my house, but it’s quiet. What are they doing? Are they waiting on someone? Is my house about to explode and they just forgot to tell me?

Is it possible that your customers feel the same way about you? Continue Reading ❯

Small Business News Roundup – Tax Day Edition

workers at restaurantHere’s the news you may have missed while putting the finishing touches on your taxes.

General business and management Loyalty programs matter to customers, according to a report from Bond Brand Loyalty. One-third of customers say they would not be loyal to a brand without one. Read more at Retailing Today.

For Etsy’s IPO, the company is targeting small investors, the Wall Street Journal reported. The online marketplace is looking for shareholders who share its commitment to social responsibility.

Good news for aspiring business owners – loan approval rates for small business just hit their highest point since the recession, according to Small Business Trends.  Continue Reading ❯

The Small Plate Trend

display of small platesIt seems like every hip, new restaurant is based on small plates. Will tapas-style dining run its course, or will it stick around for the long haul? What is the deal with the small plates trend, and is it a good fit for restaurant owners? Here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading ❯

How to Keep Groupon Customers (and Keep Them Happy)

customer loyaltyFor years I got manicures at the same place. I didn’t love it, but it was conveniently located, with convenient hours. Then, one day I bought a Groupon to a new place. The location was almost as convenient, but the service was a lot better. I haven’t gone back to the first place since.

There’s a common misperception that people who buy Groupons are just looking for a deal. Sometimes that’s true, but often people aren’t looking for a deal as much as they are a reason to try someplace new. In a study commissioned by Groupon we discovered that 74% of Groupon customers say that they would not have gone to a business if not for the Groupon deal, and 84% of customers say they plan to return to a business they discovered on Groupon.

So, how can you make sure your Groupon customers are in that 84%? Continue Reading ❯

5 Tips for a Better Domain Name

naming a websiteSpecial to GrouponWorks from Erica Bray of Name.Kitchen

You’ve come up with a brilliant idea.  You’ve got the perfect name for that brilliant idea.  You want to build a website for that idea … but is already taken. What to do?  Give up?  Change the name?

While ‘dot-com’ is the default standard for most people, the Internet real estate has shrunk considerably during the past several years, as more people make their small businesses and entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Rather than rethink the name of your business, blog or project simply because the ‘Dot-Com’ domain name is snapped up — or is being held hostage by someone demanding mega bucks — consider some creative alternatives that might make even more sense than a long and cumbersome URL(after making sure that your brilliant name isn’t already trademarked, of course.) Continue Reading ❯

3 Steps to High Email Click Through Rates

email click throughConstant Contact analyzed more than 2.1 million customer emails over the course of 13 weeks – and they made some stunning discoveries around the length of text and number of images that can make or break email click through rates (CTR) for both B2C and B2B businesses.

For B2C businesses (that is businesses that serve customers, as opposed to businesses that serve other businesses), there are three rules to keep in mind: Continue Reading ❯