Is Your Holiday Marketing Inclusive?

mother and child at windowWhen Starbucks unveiled their red holiday cup this year there was a bit of an Internet storm over it. A few people (a very few people) felt that the cup wasn’t “Christmasy” enough. Most people had no problem with the plain cup. Most people understand that our country is diverse and they want their marketing to appeal to ALL of their customers. But how to create diverse marketing is often a question. Continue Reading ❯

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost

social media

“How much does social media marketing cost?”

I’m asked this question by small business owners a lot, and I always feel bad when I answer, “It depends.” Because unfortunately, this straightforward question has a very complicated answer.

As I am sure you know, the only thing free about social media is the account. It costs you nothing to claim an account on any platform. From that point, you will start incurring costs, so let’s break those costs – and, really, your options – out, shall we? Continue Reading ❯

Congrats to the U.S. Pizza Team!

people eating Chinese food

Members of the Groupon US Pizza Team Relax in China

Remember when we told you about the U.S. Pizza Team and how happy we were to sponsor them? Well, we’re even prouder now. Recently, four members of the U.S. Pizza Team traveled to Shanghai to compete in the 10th annual Chinese Pizza Championship. The flight was grueling, the food, hardly recognizable, and yet the competition turned out to be a huge victory for the Groupon U.S. Pizza Team. All four traveling team members placed. Check out the Pizza Without Borders article for more details! Groupon is proud to help the U.S. Pizza Team and pizza lovers and slingers everywhere!


Should Your Business Respond to National News

newspaperWhen there’s bad news, whether it’s the death of a celebrity or the horrible attacks in Paris last week, a lot of people turn to social media for comfort and connection. Should you as a business owner do the same? How should business owners respond to national or local tragedies, or should they? Continue Reading ❯

9 Ways to Reward Top Customers

customer serviceTowards the end of the year, most small businesses assess their performance for the current year and start making plans for doing things even better next year. While generating these reports, you’ll likely also get a very clear view of your top customers – who spends the most, who purchases most frequently, who champions your small business to their networks. Those customers are gold, and they can be hard – if not impossible – to replace. Here are 9 ideas for rewarding these golden customers. Continue Reading ❯

5 Tips for Creating Instagram Ads

people on InstagramDid you know that Instagram users are two and a half times more likely to click on ads as compared to other social networks (Fortune). Also, 97% of measured campaigns on Instagram have generated significant lifts in ad recall (Instagram). Here are five tips for creating Instagram ads: Continue Reading ❯

Acclaimed Stylist Charles Ifergan Discusses How to Work with Groupon

Charles Ifergan, owner of the world-renowned Charles Ifergan Salons, recommends Groupon to every business with specific goals in mind. He says that local marketing from Groupon exposes your business to thousands of customers who’ve never seen your name—advertising that would be very expensive elsewhere. Watch this video and learn more about how Ifergan uses Groupon and his recommendations for you.

Continue Reading ❯

Groupon Lends Support to Small Business Saturday

small business SaturdayGroupon is proud to be an official supporter of Small Business Saturday, taking place on November 28. Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to strengthening communities by supporting local small businesses. In recognition of the movement, Groupon will highlight local businesses through a special Small Business Saturday collection this year. Continue Reading ❯