Can You Change Your Habits

how to change your habitIs 2015 your year? Will you be starting or expanding a new business? Have you made a commitment to creating the life you want for yourself both personally and professionally?  Every month business coach Terri Brukhartz will share her tips and thoughts on how you can create the life and the business you want. This is Terri’s second post in the series. Read Terri’s first post here.

You can totally change your habits. In fact, if you’re really going to have the business you’ve dreamed of and a fulfilling life to go along with it, then you’ll probably want to change a few things. Continue Reading

#TBT: Hair and Makeup Trends of the 90s

90s makeup eyes“Friends” finally made its debut on Netflix on New Year’s Day, which has resulted in massive binge-watching sessions across the country. Television-lovers who grew up with this show have been watching it from the beginning. Since it originally premiered in 1994, the sitcom is a display of ’90s fashion and beauty at its finest. In case you haven’t been catching up on the show, here are some beauty trends you might have forgotten about: Continue Reading

7 Ways to Tell if You Need an Ecommerce Site

ecommerce site for brick and mortar storeDoes your bricks-and-mortar retail business need an ecommerce site? Consider these numbers:

  • Global B2C ecommerce sales are nearly $1.3 trillion
  • B2C ecommerce sales in the US are nearly $600 billion; of that, $210 billion is retail purchases
  • Mobile retail commerce revenue in the US is $12 billion

Need I point out that these numbers are growing? That is a LOT of money your business could be leaving on the table. However, before you start building an ecommerce site, you have to decide if it’s actually worthwhile financially for you.

Here are seven questions to ask as you decide whether or not to build an ecommerce site: Continue Reading

Filing a Tax Extension for Your Business

tax extension for business taxesSpecial to GrouponWorks from Michael Caramagno of Michael Caramagno CPA, Ltd.

If you can’t meet the original tax deadline for your business, don’t worry you can file an extension. Luckily, there are no restrictions on who can file an extension. These points will help you understand the process:

How much extra time does an extension provide? Continue Reading

1099 vs W2 Which Do Your Workers Need?

1099 vs W2 for employeesSpecial to GrouponWorks from Deepak Aggarwal

For most business owners tax savings are always on their minds. A really important question comes up when they first hire help: should I classify this worker as a contractor or a full time employee? Knowledgeable business owners know that if they put the worker as a contractor they will not have to pay the employer portion of Social Security tax (6.2%) and Medicare tax (1.45%). However, what most business owners do not know is that the IRS is cracking down on the misuse of the classification of independent contractor. Continue Reading

6 Ways to Use Online Reviews

online reviewsAs you gather online reviews and customers testimonials, you are in fact gathering really powerful marketing material that you can use in a variety of ways to build trust and credibility. Pull those reviews and testimonials off online review sites, feedback forms, and out of emails, and start using them today for marketing.

Here are six ideas to get you started: Continue Reading

Small Business News Roundup

winter landscapeHere’s the news you might have missed while attempting to stay warm this week:

News The IRS and Treasury Department just announced they are postponing another health care rule for small businesses, The Washington Post reported. Businesses that provide Health Reimbursement Arrangements to employees, a situation where the business covers part of the cost of purchasing an individual health plan, won’t have to pay penalties until summer. Continue Reading

Weekly Update

restaurant newsValentine’s Day is over and so is Mardi Gras. The next couple of weeks people lay low with Lent, but soon businesses will be preparing for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, and then before you know it, we’ll finally be moving in to summer. Before you get too far ahead of yourself though, let’s look at some of the news we covered this week. Continue Reading

4 More Steps to Running a Succesful Facebook Contest

Facebook ContestAre you getting excited about launching your first Facebook contest? After my first blog post on Facebook contests, you are already well on your way.  You have settled on a goal (or goals), figured out a prize that’ll knock people’s socks off, and picked a third party app to run the contest.

In this post, I’ll walk you through steps 4 through 7 so you can finalize, launch, and make the most of your first successful Facebook contest: Continue Reading