Create Short-Term Goals for Long-Term Growth

To Do ListIs 2015 your year? Will you be starting or expanding a new business? Have you made a commitment to creating the life you want for yourself both personally and professionally?  Every month business coach Terri Brukhartz will share her tips and thoughts on how you can create the life and the business you want. This is Terri’s second post in the series. Read Terri’s earlier posts in the series here.

Have you ever thought, “when I have __________, my life will be perfect?” What if you can have some of what you want while you’re working toward getting the rest? Continue Reading ❯

#TBT: Waiting at a Restaurant

reservationGoing out to eat used to be gamble. Either you thought far ahead and scheduled a reservation or you went at an off time to make sure the wait wasn’t unbearable. If you couldn’t manage one of these options, you ended up standing in line for what seemed like an eternity – not a fun experience when your stomach is growling. Continue Reading ❯

How to Use Reddit

Reddit LogoWith Reddit in the news a lot lately – their Communications Director gets fired, community members basically shut down the site in protest, then their CEO Ellen Pao gets fired – you might be curious about this social media site that kind of floats under the radar.

As it turns out, Reddit is a pretty cool (if totally chaotic looking) site that can really help boost awareness about your brand. Here’s everything you need to know about Reddit: Continue Reading ❯

A Corporate Refugee Recovers with a Massage Business

Rhonda was a refugee from corporate America when one day on a massage table it hit her – she wanted to bring that same sense of calm and well-being to others. Rhonda went to school to become a massage therapist and then went to Groupon to start her business. Continue Reading ❯

A Great Lakes Scuba Center Grows with Groupon

Can an ocean-based business exist, let alone thrive, in Michigan? Scuba enthusiast Craig Oshnock thought it could and built his Sea the World Scuba Center in Farmington, Michigan. Find out how Groupon helped bring his love of scuba diving to others, and helped bring scuba divers to him.

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How to Market to Men on Pinterest

Grow Your Pinterest BaseIn the five years since Pinterest launched, the social network site has been almost exclusively the domain of female users – at least in the US. But that is finally starting to change.

Pinterest saw a 73% increase in male users, year-over-year, in 2014. Interestingly, men are now fueling Pinterest growth – they represent one third of all Pinterest sign-ups. Additionally, the Pinterest male to female ratio is almost fifty-fifty in some countries, like Korea, India, and Japan. Continue Reading ❯

Business News Roundup

coffee shop ownersHere are a few of the top stories you may have missed from the week.

News The Small Business Association put its 7(a) loan program on hold after reaching the $18.75 billion annual limit set by Congress, CNBC reported. If the organization can get Congress’s approval to raise the ceiling, funding may start flowing again. Continue Reading ❯

Restaurant Trend: Healthy Kids’ Meals

child eating french fryWhen we think of kids’ meals, health food doesn’t generally come to mind. In the past, you could expect to see certain standbys on menus: grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs. However, things are beginning to change. As parents become more aware of issues like childhood diabetes and obesity, they are interested in healthier options for their kids when dining out. In fact, the National Restaurant Association identified healthy kids meals as one of the top five food trends of 2015. Continue Reading ❯

How to Save Money on Facebook Ads

Facebook ChangesIf you have a tight advertising budget, that’s OK. You can actually do a lot with Facebook ads for $10 per day or less. You just have to be really smart about two things: who you are targeting, and what you are targeting them with.

Here are four ways to save money on Facebook ads while maximizing results: Continue Reading ❯