The Importance of Mobile Optimization

mobile phone useSpecial to GrouponWorks from Daniel Donovan of Max Effect Marketing

In 2015, search engine optimization (SEO) is the marketing buzz word for driving traffic to your website and ultimately your business. What will be the key in 2016? Two words: Mobile Optimization. Continue Reading ❯

How to Find the Right Keywords for Your Website

magnifying glass for searchEvery once in a while, a new client will ask me if I can do keyword research for them. My answer, “Well, yes, but not really.” What an annoying non-answer I give, huh?

But then I explain that keyword research is actually very technical and involves a lot of digging and analysis if you want a solid, surefire list of keywords to use in your content – so let me make an introduction to my favorite SEO company.

However, my team can do a very, and I mean very, basic keyword analysis for you. And guess what? It’s not that hard to do – so if you are so inclined to do it yourself, here’s how to get started: Continue Reading ❯

How to Convert Website Visitors to Customers

website designThe poor home page – you really have to feel bad for it. It is so misunderstood. Instead of instantly converting visitors into customers, there are instead thousands upon thousands of home pages out there that are scaring potential customers away – permanently.

Of course, your home page is probably perfect fine, but just in case, take a look at it as you read through these five rock solid tips that are proven to convert website visitors into customers. Continue Reading ❯

3 Ways to Build a One Page Website

website designRecently, I wrote about DIY website builder options, all of which are great alternatives for small businesses who cannot afford a $5,000 semi-custom website designed and built on WordPress.

But what if you don’t even need a full website – or, at least, not yet? One option is to make sure you claim all your local listings on sites like Groupon Pages. These listings can stand in for a website if you don’t want to create your own independent presence. Even if you do want to build a website, you should still claim your listings and pages. Doing so will help drive traffic to your own site.

You can also build a one page website, a great option when you want to get your name out there, start list building, find objective (ahem, not your friends or family) beta testers to help your refine your product, and just stay in touch with prospects before a full company launch.

Here are three one page website builder options for your to check out: Continue Reading ❯

6 Ways to Build Your Own Website

websitedesignIt’s pretty clear that today almost every business needs a website. That doesn’t mean that every business owner is prepared to hire a web designer and programmer.  You can save money by building your own website using one of the following 6 DIY website builder options, all of which were created for small business.

Just a heads up though: building a website does not happen in five minutes! Be prepared to set aside time to figure out what pages you need and how to organize them; write content; find and add images; etc. Your beautiful new website will be worth the effort! Continue Reading ❯

5 Tips for a Better Domain Name

naming a websiteSpecial to GrouponWorks from Erica Bray of Name.Kitchen

You’ve come up with a brilliant idea.  You’ve got the perfect name for that brilliant idea.  You want to build a website for that idea … but is already taken. What to do?  Give up?  Change the name?

While ‘dot-com’ is the default standard for most people, the Internet real estate has shrunk considerably during the past several years, as more people make their small businesses and entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Rather than rethink the name of your business, blog or project simply because the ‘Dot-Com’ domain name is snapped up — or is being held hostage by someone demanding mega bucks — consider some creative alternatives that might make even more sense than a long and cumbersome URL(after making sure that your brilliant name isn’t already trademarked, of course.) Continue Reading ❯