Groupon’s New Year’s Resolutions Collection

Happy New Year's from Groupon!

Happy New Year’s from Groupon!

We have a special opportunity to combat post holiday blues- both for our customers and merchants. Start the year off strong with new customers and more exposure by joining our curated collection of deals that highlight your business, helping to build your brand and bringing more customers to your door.

You can help customers ring in the New Year with an enticing offer that lets them kick-start their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you offer a juice cleanse, a package of yoga classes, or a foreign language class, customers looking to improve themselves in the New Year are likely to act fast!

If you are selected for this collection, here is how it works:

  • Your offer will appear on a special New Year’s Resolutions page on our website and mobile app from January 1–8. This dedicated landing page is only a click away from the home page, which can boost exposure and sales for your business.
  • You will be one of a limited number of local merchants featured in our New Year’s Resolutions collection. You’ll also receive exposure in our local marketplace, so customers will have multiple ways to find your offer.
  • Your offer will appear in a special collection email sent to customers who are interested in kicking off the New Year with a great Groupon deal. This creative collection will highlight your business to help you reach new customers and build your brand.

Contact your Groupon representative if you would like to be considered for the collection.

 Note: This is a limited availability opportunity. 

Getting New Customers with Groupon: International Spy Museum


The International Spy Museum shares that Groupon is the easiest way to get its name in front of a group of people.

The International Spy Museum looks at Groupon as proof of a business’s credibility. Groupon understood the museum needed to fill certain times of the year with guests, and the resulting visitors often spent more on add-on experiences.

“The International Spy Museum is the museum that is dedicated to espionage and spying. It’s the history of how spies have done their job, how they’re doing their job now and how we expect them to do it in the future. It’s one of the only places that you can see the secret history of history. 

It was really easy to work with Groupon because they understand the business that I’m in. They’ve worked with other museums before; they worked with other capacity institutions before. And they really understand that I need to fill certain times of my year with guests. And they really do try to make sure that when they come to me, they’re to help my business. 

I would say the Groupon customers take advantage of the other opportunities they have once they get here. When you come to the Spy Museum, we have several different experiences. A lot of the Groupon guests were able to take advantage of that just because they came to the museum with a Groupon voucher. It’s something they may not have done before, but once they were here, it is something that they did want to do. 

I think it’s a very, very bright business model. It’s something that is a tool if you are an institution that really feels that you can benefit from reaching a new audience. It’s a very fast way to get your name in front of a lot of different people. And the brand that Groupon provides does give you some amount of credibility in that market.”  —  Cleon M. from International Spy Museum

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Getting New Customers with Groupon: Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium


Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium worked with Groupon to grow its audience.

Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium worked with Groupon to grow its audience.

Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium often ran shows with as few as five people in a 60-person theater. With its Groupon promotion, the planetarium was able to attract thousands of people and even add extra shows to handle the increased demand.

“My name is Kevin Williams, and I’m the director of the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium here at Buffalo State College. We offer a variety of astronomy programs for public shows, also school groups that come in. The programs deal with issues in astronomy, but also planetary science and just for fun we also have laser music shows, too.

Well, before working with Groupon we actually had a hard time of getting advertising out there to let people know that the planetarium’s here. We see about 60 people and we were having some public shows that were about 5 people attending them. Now with Groupon we are selling out almost every weekend. It’s just a great relationship with Groupon, offering these deals, getting the word out and having visitors come in to the planetarium.

Groupon helped us structure the offer because they first gave me examples of other planetariums around the country who would offer deals through Groupon. So I was able to see how many tickets were offered in the deal. As we’ve moved to other deals, they’ve also helped us structure further discounts as visitors were buying more vouchers. So using their experience, they really helped us put the deal together.

When the deal ran we did get some numbers of phone calls on the day of the deal and e-mails so we were able to answer the phones and answer the questions, but then that first weekend when we had a lot of people coming to the shows, we actually added extra shows because we had so much interest for people coming to the planetarium.

Just by our own experience as a business, we know that it goes out to over 200,000 people here just in the Buffalo area and we’ve seen a great return on the time we’ve spent working with Groupon on these deals.”  —  Kevin W. from Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium

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How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Groupon?

Lion Solutions worked with Groupon to get new customers without any upfront costs.

Groupon helps your business grow and thrive with a customized campaign that brings you great new customers. There are no upfront costs to advertise your business with a local deal—we only take a share of the revenue when customers buy your offer as compensation to Groupon for marketing, promoting, and advertising the offer. When you work with Groupon, you get free tools to measure your campaign results in detail, so you can see precisely how we’re helping you grow your business. With dashboards and support from the Groupon team, you’ll learn more about your customers, where they live, how they spend, and what they buy. Continue Reading ❯

The Menu for a Successful Groupon Feature

Work with your Groupon Specialist to customize your campaign, and make the most of selling on Groupon

Advertise your restaurant on Groupon and follow these tips to keep the customers rolling in.

If your restaurant is running a Groupon promotion, we recommend sharing these tips with your staff to keep the customers—and cash—rolling in:

1. Make service your specialty

Give your new customers a stellar first impression. Great service goes a long way toward ensuring they share their dining experiences with friends and keep coming back night after night.

2. Whet their larger appetite

The average Groupon customer spends 55% more than the value of their Groupon voucher. Encourage that extra splurge by pointing out some of your menu’s best-selling cocktails, desserts, or delectable appetizers.

3. Ensure the tips are tops

Gratuities on discounted meals can be confusing for some customers, so try circling the full value on their check or writing it in to politely remind them to tip on the full value.

4. Stay on course

By tracking redemption, you’ll be able to see how much your customers spent beyond the value of their Groupon voucher and how much they tipped. Plus, tracking redemption is the best way to prevent fraud.

5. Create a craving

As important as it is to make your customers feel welcome, it’s even more important to encourage their return. In addition to your outstanding service, make their mouths water for upcoming events, new menu choices, or seasonal cocktail treats.

* Internal Merchant Groupon Voucher Redemption Data, January 2012

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Getting New Customers with Groupon: Appearance Dermatology

Appearance Dermatology brought in more business with Groupon.

Appearance Dermatology brought in more business with Groupon than with any other form of advertising. Its feature saw a redemption rate of nearly 90%, and approximately half of those customers returned for full-price packages later.

“Appearance Dermatology is a full service dermatology practice. We specialize in general dermatology and we also do a great deal and are probably very much known for the cosmetic side of dermatology. Been around for 22 years going on three locations; Vineland, Marlton and Egg Harbor Township in New Jersey. 

Groupon has helped us tremendously to make money, I have to say. What was so impressive is that you spend so many of your marketing dollars putting things in place and hoping you get that return on investment, hoping you see that traffic through your front door and that’s where it was a homerun. We had so much new business walk through the door and then it was up to us of course to gain their confidence, gain their business and to keep them as a patient, as a customer. We’ve gotten more successful each time we do it. I think it’s a kind of great thing that you have to cap what you’re allowing to be sold because we max it out every time. 

We did do our return on investment calculations and all of that and easily I would say we are seeing I think 90 percent if not more. In our couple of features we really had very few who didn’t redeem. It’s tremendous, and I – the few features that we did we saw an increase of – we calculated about 60 to 65 percent which is an astronomical amount of an increase to see on a procedure. So to say that we’re thrilled is an understatement. 

As far as patients that have turned into repeat customers I don’t want to say almost all of them but I would easily say we’re probably in the range of about 50 percent. They think it’s a win/win because they get to try something new that they have never tried before or get a great price on a great service and then once they’re here if we gain their confidence and everything goes well which apparently it has they have stayed on as regular patients, they have purchased the same procedure over at regular price and what the best part is that you hope with marketing is that they have purchased other procedures. It was a great way to sort of put the audience in front of us and then let us do what we do, show them what we do, show them what we offer. 

What keeps us coming back to Groupon and actually excited and looking forward to when can we do our next one – I think every time we finish a feature that’s my next question, When can I do another one is the success. The ease of the process at the end of the feature, looking at my analytics and seeing how wonderful the feature did and the campaign did I think yeah, I just – every time we finish one I look to when we can kind of do our next.” —  Karen G. from Appearance Dermatology

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Getting New Customers with Groupon: Yasa Yoga


Our experience with Groupon was entirely different. Their sense of customer service-they were always there when we needed them. — Stephanie B. from Yasa Yoga

Yasa Yoga in Santa Barbara, California turned to Groupon after hearing of other businesses having success with the brand. Owner Stephanie Besler worked with her Groupon rep to develop a deal that attracted new customers whom the studio was able to retain by providing top-notch service.

“My name is Stephanie Besler. Our business is called Yasa Yoga, and it’s a yoga studio and retail store here in Santa Barbara. Yasa Yoga offers a wide variety of classes. We offer Ashtanga-based power and flow, core fusion, Yin and Yang, restorative and even specialty classes like prenatal.

Yasa Yoga decided to work with Groupon because of the results we had heard from other businesses that they had had with Groupon and we wanted to give it a try ourselves. Groupon brought in customers that might not have known about us so we’re very thankful for our experience with Groupon because they brought customers in our door and the customers, once they came in our door, with the quality of instruction and experience they’ve had, we’ve been able to retain those customers. So it’s been a very positive experience for us.

We’ve used other companies in the past and our experience with Groupon was entirely different. Number one, their sense of customer service. They were always there when we needed them. They provided us with all the tools that we needed to be successful on our end and they delivered the results. We didn’t have that same experience with other companies we tried.”  —  Stephanie B. from Yasa Yoga

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Getting New Customers with Groupon: The Awful Waffle

The Awful Waffle worked with Groupon to attract new customers that it was previously unable to reach.

The Awful Waffle’s owner, Ashley Coslett, says Groupon is the only company in the industry she would recommend to other business owners. After negative experiences with competing deal sites, she was hesitant to run another offer, but Groupon’s reputation won her over. She’s been very happy with the experience, as the deals helped The Awful Waffle access a family audience it was previously unable to reach.

“The Awful Waffle is a locally run company. My husband, and I started it about half a year ago, back in June. We both lived in Belgium for a while and got all of our recipes and equipment over there, and we decided that Provo needed a really good European restaurant. We sell Belgian waffles and French crepes and a Dutch Stroopwaffle, and it’s really amazing. If a business owner were to come to me to ask which couponing company to use, Groupon would be literally the only company I would tell them to go with. I really love Groupon because I’ve had a few very negative experiences with a few companies. Groupon has just always been totally stable, totally reliable. I’m not worried. When I run a deal with Groupon, I know we’re going to get paid, I know the customers are going to be happy. Groupon really reaches out to a demographic that normally would not have been reached, because our typical demographics are college students kind of going to class or coming here on a date night. But because of Groupon, we’ve had a lot of families come in, a lot of older people that have no idea what the Awful Waffle is. When Groupon approach the Awful Waffle to do the first deal, I was a little skeptical because we’ve had a really negative experience with other companies, couponing companies, in the past, but I heard about Groupon, I heard it was a good company, so I decided to give it a chance. The second daily deal was really great, as well as the third, so everything has been extremely positive since the very beginning. I will definitely continue to do Groupon because they do everything that I could possibly want in a couponing company, so I appreciate that.”  —  Ashley C. from The Awful Waffle


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Selling on Groupon Goods

Sell your product on Groupon Goods and get massive exposure.

We asked Tony Chvala, Global GM of Merchandising and Buying, to give you the scoop on Groupon Goods – what it is, how it works, and how you can start using it to sell your…goods.

What is Groupon Goods and how did it come about?

Groupon Goods is a daily product deal site where quality branded goods are sold at discounted prices. The business was created to offer our customers additional value on top of our great Groupon service offerings.

What is unique about the service that Groupon Goods offers to sellers?

Goods offers our vendors a unique channel to build their brand, launch new products, and potentially sell more product in a three-day window than most e-commerce channels could sell in months.

How does a seller get on Groupon Goods?

The quickest way for a branded partner to gain access to the Goods channel is through our website, where they can fill out an online form that will be directly sent to the respective buyer in that category. The buyer will then reach out to the vendor to discuss business options. The time frame from contact to launch on Goods varies on a case-by-case basis.

(Click here for the online Groupon Goods contact form.)

What are you looking for in a potential product?

We are looking for great quality products that resonate with our customers. The majority of our offerings are branded and fall within every category that you would find in traditional online and offline retail. We offer products of all shapes and sizes, from small diamond earrings to motor scooters and mattresses.

How do you determine the sell price and list price?

Great question. The list price may be based on a survey of other online merchants, tied to a particular merchant’s current or former price, or suggested by either the manufacturer or our supplier. It is not necessarily representative of current prices of other online merchants or the prevailing retail price in every area. An offer that’s a fantabulous deal in one area may only be a slightly stupendous deal in another due to regional price differences and the colloquial relevance of the word fantabulous.

What’s the deal with shipping?

Standard shipping is free on purchases of $15 or more in the U.S., and we offer free returns on almost any eligible product delivered to either the United States or Canada. In general, large, oversized items and products delivered by special or white-glove carriers do not qualify for free shipping or free returns. There will be additional technology rollouts in the very near future that will drive our goal of less than five days from click to delivery.

What’s an example of a really successful Goods feature, and why did it go so well?

We have many examples of great Goods features, from a GPS deal that sold out in less than 24 hours to a high-end bladeless fan that was sold during the back-to-school season. In addition to the value of these products, the reason these deals were successful is that the products are items our customers really want.

What’s an example of a lesson that Groupon Goods learned early on? How did that help you improve the merchant experience?

As we have scaled the Goods business, we’ve learned a lot. One example of an improved vendor process we instated was better advanced planning of deals and setting realistic expectations of a deal. This allowed for an improved delivery experience for the customer and planned inventory allotment for the vendor.

What makes a Groupon customer buy something from Goods?

The simple premise is great quality products at extraordinary prices. Our customers range widely in demographic, and they typically make repeat purchases. The simple basis for this is a great deal on relevant products to the customer. We have greatly improved the customer experience and will continue to upgrade our processes and technology to raise the bar.

Is there anything cool that most people don’t know about Groupon Goods?

We are the largest global daily deal “goods” e-commerce business on the planet that can touch both national and local markets.

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