How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Groupon?

Lion Solutions worked with Groupon to get new customers without any upfront costs.

Lion Solutions worked with Groupon to get new customers without any upfront costs.

Groupon helps your business grow and thrive with a customized campaign that guarantees new customers and keeps them coming back time after time. There’s no up-front cost to be featured on Groupon, and we guarantee results. When you work with Groupon, you get free tools to measure your campaign results in detail. You will see precisely how we’re growing your business. With dashboards and a dedicated Groupon team, you’ll learn more about your customers, where they live, how they spend, and what they buy.

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  • Have any package or plan of advertising on How about the fees?

  • Hi Tan, there are no upfront fees associated with running a Groupon promotion. Please call (888) 582-4354 for more help. All the best to you!

  • I have an invention that I am moving into the production phase now that we have a trademark. I want to do a limited release on Groupon. Can someone get in contact with me?

  • Have several questions and have tried the 800 number but it keeps referring me to their web site. What percentage do you charge for the advertising, do you issue 1099?

  • Hi,

    I wanted to inquire any costs or fees that may be required in order to be featured on Groupon. Also, are any license or permits required for me to advertise with Groupon as well (i.e. State Business License, Tax ID permit, etc.)? I also wanted to know the process of advertising with Groupon, as well as what is and is not allowed to sell. Any information that you can provide me is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • Hi Sherry, we do not charge an upfront fee, and each business is set up differently– depending on what they offer. If you fill out the form at, someone can contact you if there is a fit with your business. Thank you.

  • Hi Firdaus, our Groupon sales teams work with businesses on an individual basis to determine the structure of each campaign. There is not a set fee. Please call (866) 956-1276 with any questions. Thank you!

  • How does groupon work. Is there a fee or charge. thanks tammy

  • Hi Tammy, there are no upfront costs associated with working with Groupon. Please fill out the form at and if there is a fit between our two businesses, someone will reach out!

  • Hi i am a local mobile beautichian and am very interested in advertising on groupon but before I fill in any forms I would like to be advised on terms and conditions of how much you charge me please many thanks Michelle

  • Hi Samantha- We are launching an online art school and are thinking Groupon would be a great way to introduce ourselves. We enjoy some great deals on Groupon for both local businesses and national ones. How does Groupon work for an online business? Can we offer a discount on courses? Do you have a way of calculating the expense/potential of making an offer on Groupon?


  • Hi Tim, please call (888) 582-4354 to speak with a Groupon specialist- they will be able to answer these questions, since we work differently with all businesses. Thank you!

  • Hi Samantha,
    I have a question for you – -These are my Board rules, is there a way to do a Groupon WITHOUT it affecting my license?
    The Board has advised that advertising via Groupon may violate the Board’s fee splitting rule if a licensee is:
    Paying for advertising or marketing services by sharing a specified portion of the professional fees collected from a consumer with the vendor providing the advertising or marketing services;


    Advertising or marketing services via social coupons if the social site is:
    1. Collecting the doctor’s professional fees from the consumer;
    2. Retaining a defined percentage or portion of the revenue collected as payment for the coupon marketing services provided, and;
    3. Remitting to the doctor the remainder of the amount collected.

  • We would like to advertise our courses for Security guards, Door Supervisors, Close Protection Officers, and CCTV. Can someone please contact me on the above email address. I have contacted Groupon previously and was told that someone will contact me but to date no one has.

    We are a small company based in Kent. All our trainers are registered with UK service providers.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    John Finlsy
    Head of Education
    Training Foe Security Ltd.

  • HI..I wanted to enquire, if I want to sell some branded fashion accessories and handbags, do i need to have some sort of licence for doing the business with you??

  • We are a new business in estate agency that operates near Woking and we would like to do a special offer on groupon with a flat fee. Could you assist us with this?

  • Hello , I have never advertised on groupon before , when you advertise something and people buy it how will you get the money to your business ?

  • Hi I’m interested advertising on my nails salon, how do I get started and what’s the cost?

  • I would like to advertise my products in Groupon Malaysia. How should contact the person in charge as I have so many question to ask. Thank you.

  • I am the chair person for a non profit organization. We are having a fun run and I am wanting to see how much it cost to advertise with you

  • Hi Pam, thanks for your interest in working with Groupon. There is no upfront or set cost to working with Groupon; each business or organization works with us differently. Please visit to fill out an application. If there is a fit between our two businesses, someone will reach out.

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