How to Sell on Groupon

Your Groupon deal online and in our mobile app, plus the Merchant Center dashboardGroupon is more than daily deal emails—we offer customized marketing plans for merchants of all kinds. Whether you want to quickly reach a large audience or bring in a capped number of customers each month, Groupon can help you reach your business goals.

Here’s a short guide to promoting your business on Groupon:

Fill out this quick online form and a rep will follow up with you. In the meantime, spend some time on to learn more about all of our offerings.

Our account reps provide guidance based on analysis of past promotions, and you decide how many new customers you want to bring in. Your assigned rep ensures that your offer meets your goals without exceeding your max capacity.

As the big day approaches, your rep will provide helpful tips and tools to make sure you’re prepared when the first Groupon customer comes in. If you’re in the hospitality industry, Breadcrumb offers an iPad-based restaurant POS that’s easier to use than legacy POS systems.

The days leading up to your feature are also a great time to make sure your staff is up to speed on redemption methods and get the word out in your community. Posting on Facebook and Twitter as well as spreading the word to your friends and family can help generate buzz about your deal.

Groupon provides you with information about your customers through the Merchant Center’s tracking features– giving you insight into customer demographics such as age, gender, and location, as well as how much the customers spent beyond the value of the Groupon voucher. Plus, you’ll be able to view direct feedback from customers so you know what is and isn’t working. And, now you can review, edit, and tweet customer comments directly from the customer feedback section.

  • Hello, i want to put offer on group on how much it ll cost me?

  • Hi!
    I completed the form and haven’t been contacted. How can I speak to someone regarding my goods and selling on groupon?

  • Hi Kim, I followed up on your request and someone will be in touch shortly if there is a fit to work together. Thank you.

  • Hello there,

    I would like to sell golden grass jewelry from Brazil on Groupon. We do sell our products in the street fairs in Manhattan and get quite an attention. How can we go about qualifying to sell on groupon.



  • I am interested in selling on groupon, I would like to find out the costs, how it works and time frames for deals. All information would be of great help.

    Kind regards

    Rob D

  • Hi Rob, thanks for your interest in working with us! There are no upfront costs associated with running a Groupon promotion, and every deal works differently for each business. Please call (888) 582-4354 to speak with a Groupon specialist who can go through your own needs. All the best to you!

  • How to go about to sell on groupon. What are the fees on it. please guide

  • hi there,

    Do I need VAT registered business to sell anything on GroupOn. I wanted to sell my jewellery on this website. Please let me know the process


  • Hello there me and my partner are interested in starting a new business and using groupon to sell our products how do we go about doing that may I please request a call back ?

  • Is it possible to sell my product directly to Groupon?

  • Hi there! Please fill out the form listed in the article above and if there is a fit, someone will reach out to you! Thank you for your interest.

  • Hi Jo, we have a channel called Groupon Goods. If you fill out the form at someone will reach out if there is a fit and can work with you on getting your product on the site. Thank you.

  • Hi,
    Do I need to have a website or a store in order to sell on groupon goods? Can an agent please contact me? I have some questions, thank you :-)

  • hi samantha
    hope all is well
    i follow the groupon goods and from items that i see all the times
    we have a lot of products that i think will be good.
    we do ladies clothing from jeans, leggings and loungewear.
    what is the way to get my products in front of groupon rep

    thank you

  • Hi there, thanks for your interest in working with Groupon. If you would like to learn more about Groupon Goods please call (888) 582-4354. Thank you.

  • Hello I have sports clothing for women how can groupon help me sell my merchandise and what costs are incured

  • Hi i just called the groupon work, they said they not taking application for selling goods through groupon yet.
    Is there anyway what should i do to able to sell our jewelry and iphone accesories with groupon ?
    Thanks lot for any lead

  • Hi, is there a point to fill form if i’d like to sell Language learning online courses on internet through Grouon? We have English and Russian and German languages available now.

    Thanks for answer in advance.

  • Hi Claudia, please call (888) 582-4354 for more information and instructions on how to get started. Thank you!

  • Please call (888) 582-4354 for more information and help on getting started. Thanks for your interest!

  • Hi, I am based in Ireland and do not have a ZIP code thus I can’t fill in your online form, could someone contact me by email please? Thanks.

  • Hello, I am interest to sell things on groupon but don’t have website or company is it still possible to do it? If not what do I have to do? Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I have a product that i own and i sell on Amazon, and i use Amazon as a Fulfillment center (as opposed to my own warehouse). I usually have about 6,000 units of stock at a time at Amazon.

    Could i sell this on Groupon, and if i can, would i be able to set a certain amount of units, say 2,000, that i am willing to sell at the discounted price, as opposed to just letting people buy as much as they want (and run the risk of running out of inventory)? Let me now. Thanks!

  • Hi Nicole, at this time, Groupon Goods is not accepting applications from new business. Thank you for your interest.

  • I would like to speak to groupon representative regarding a product I would like to sell on groupon.
    Can you please provide me with a number to get in touch from the UK? I tried to call the above number but it’s cutting straight away!


  • I am wanting to promote our basketball tournament on Groupon. We want people to be able to register for a discounted rate. How does that work?

  • Hi there, if you are located in the UK, please dial +44 203 510 2248 to speak with a Groupon representative. Thank you for your interest and have a great day!

  • Hi Terrica, the first step to working with Groupon is to fill out the form at If a person on the sales team identifies an opportunity with your tournament, they will reach out. Thank you for your interest.

  • Hi i need to sell a products on Groupon do i need to have a company name or businesses to promote a product.

    Thank you

  • Hi there, thank you for your interest in working with Groupon. In order to run a campaign on the site, you do need a website and a business name. Good luck in getting started! Thank you, again.

  • Hello Samantha, What is the criteria for qualifying for groupon goods? I have a website and have had one for a while. We are strictly online retail and sell electronic cigarettes and accessories countrywide. I have talked to more than one representative so far and it seems no one is giving a straight answer. As you have stated before groupon goods is not taking new merchandise at this time. But I’ve heard the same thing since last year over and over.

    Honestly all I want to know is what do I need as a online retailer to qualify for groupon goods? What exactly is disqualifying me? We have the website, popular product, inventory, customer service, history, and great markup already. I just need someone to be more specific. Feel free to email me with some private advice if possible. Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help Samantha.

  • Hi Samantha C.

    I am looking into starting a company selling phone cases but solely through groupon. The requirements suggest that groupon is for businesses currently operating elsewhere looking to sell a product at a reduced price. As there isnt a current business or product being sold elsewhere there is no selling price so a discounted price isnt possible. Also on the forms a website is required but as I have previously mentioned I am not looking to sell elsewhere. Is this possible and if so how could I go about it i.e. does the business have to be limited or can it be a sole trader?

  • Hi there, we would like to sell women basic apparel on groupons. I think it will be a great addition to groupon collection. We sell leggings, bandeau bra tops, lace bras, camis, tank tops and more.

    We have both retail license, wholesale license.
    Company name for Retail – Love Peace Apparel
    Company name for Wholesale – Mapsi USA, Inc.

    Please let me know how to proceed. We have over 1 million in stock. Thank you!


  • I keep emailing to get my product on Groupon but no one replies to me?

  • Hi,i want to sell on groupon.mylaysia, could I ? how should I start? any wehsite about this?thanks

  • Hi James,

    Thank you for your interest in working with Groupon. I was unable to look up your account with the email address provided. Please respond with the website URL that you had submitted and I can look into it.

    Thank you,

  • Hi George, you are correct that a business must operate independently before selling on Groupon, and that the business has a website. This is a requirement. Thank you for your interest.

  • Hi James, thank you for your interest in working with Groupon. We are not currently accepting applications for apparel at this time. Thank you again.

  • Hi Jodie, my sincerest apologies for the lack of response. We are not currently accepting applications for selling products on Groupon Goods. Thank you for your interest.

  • Hello Samantha,

    As you can see from my site url, I design and sell one of a kind pieces of jewelry. I have done reasonably well, but I really wish to extend my shops marketing plan.

    Would my items be a reasonable fit for Groupon? Although each piece is a “one of a kind”, my thoughts were to run Groupon campaigns on item types…necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. My thoughts were that by offering one of kind items on a “first come first served” basis, it would entice a potential customer to act fast.

    Look forward to your comments.
    Thank-you in advance.

  • Hi there, thank you for your interest in working with Groupon. At this time, we are not currently accepting applications for new merchandise. Thank you again.

  • Hello, would I be able to sell to Groupon [or sell a product on Groupon] if I don’t have a website ; however, I sell on eBay and also sell items in bulk on other websites. I’m currently looking to sell a lot of Xbox One Wireless Controllers

  • Hi David, thank you for your interest in Groupon. In order to work with Groupon, you do need a website. Thank you again.

  • Hi I will like to sell to Groupon what is the requirements to sell on the website?

  • I would like to promote my Writing Workshops

  • Hi. I create and sell handmade jewelry
    I have an etsy shop and was wandering how i can attract and more customers there. So i wanted to know if it is possible to sell my items with Groupons help. Thank you

  • Hi Samantha,
    I have question about selling on groupon, can I sell from international business? It means my bussines is registred in europe but I am based in London. Is it possible? Or I need to register my bussines here as well? Or I can use self employed to pay VAT?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Elle, thanks for your interest in working with us. You can only sell on Groupon in your home country. Thank you again and good luck!

  • Hi Zina, thanks for your interest. We do not currently work with Etsy businesses. You must have your own website and be able to ship large quantities of products to sell on Groupon. Thank you again.

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