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"The large benefit to our company is the changes in the dashboard and the ability to view customers' feedback."
— Tom R. from Autobella in Portland, OR
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Get the support you need, every step of the way. We give you everything you need to make your Groupon experience a success—so you can do what you do best.

Comprehensive Campaign Management

Redeem Groupon vouchers by name, gain valuable customer insights, track the success of your promotions, and view customer comments—all with our comprehensive Groupon management tools.
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Expert Advice for Local Businesses

As a business owner, you're probably looking for new and efficient ways to run and grow your business. With experience gained from working with more than 650,000 merchants worldwide, we developed these articles to help you with everything from marketing and finance to business strategy and operations.
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Big Savings on Business Essentials

Shop exclusive deals to solve your everyday supply needs. From printing materials and business equipment to technology services and break-room necessities, Groupon has everything you need for your office or workspace.
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