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Local Deals Roadmap

We're there to support you before, during, and after your feature. Here's a look at how we'll work together throughout the Groupon process.

Get Ready

Getting to Know Each Other

Use our Deal Builder tool or tell your Groupon representative about your business and goals. We'll share our data and experience—what's worked well and what hasn't for businesses like yours—to help set up your deal for success.

Once your offer has been approved, we’ll create an engaging deal page that grabs attention and drives our customers to buy your deal.

Getting Ready for Your New Customers

While we’re getting your deal ready for launch, we’ll give you a step-by-step rundown of everything you’ll need to know for your upcoming campaign.

We’ll share helpful advice on how you can prepare your staff, instructions on redeeming your customers’ vouchers, and an explanation of how you’ll receive payments from Groupon.

We’ll also walk you through our Merchant Center tools, which can help you gather information about who your new customers are, how much they’re spending, and how often they visit.



It’s Go Time

When your offer goes live, we’ll make it available on our website and mobile app to customers who are actively searching for what you offer. We may also expose your offer to interested customers via our targeted emails. To deliver a great experience for everyone, we’ll help handle inbound customer-service inquiries and manage your deal’s Q&A board.

You do what you do best—answer customer phone calls and emails and taking care of your new patrons when they come in. By warmly welcoming Groupon customers and providing great service, you help ensure that they’ll spend more and come back again.



Watch Your Business Grow

Throughout your campaign, we’ll update your Merchant Center with valuable customer information, such as age, gender, and spending statistics, as well as direct customer feedback. You’ll also find a history of your payment invoices from Groupon and a schedule of your upcoming payments.

Use this information to track your campaign and gain insight into how you can improve your marketing efforts.

Want to talk to a Groupon Specialist? Call (888) 582-4354

We're here Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm CDT