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Meet the Team

We have more than 10,000 Groupon Team Members worldwide working to help grow and promote your business.

Market Planning

Our market planners begin the Groupon process by determining which deal types should run in each city over the coming weeks, and communicate to sales and merchant research so those teams can find the best businesses. They examine past deal frequency and performance data to make sure the customers in your area are ready to buy.

This helps ensure your deal runs at the best time to get the most new, relevant customers.

Merchant Research

Our strategic research team analyzes businesses to find the best potential partners for Groupon in each city. They route inbound questions and find cool new businesses like yours in cities across the US and Canada.

The merchant-research team keeps our list of business partners fresh and up-to-date, ensuring that when you’re the Featured Deal on Groupon, the other businesses alongside yours are as popular and reputable as yours.


The Groupon sales team creates marketing plans to meet the individual needs of each Groupon business partner.

By creating specific, ongoing marketing plans for the businesses we work with, the sales team ensures all of our partners’ business goals are addressed. They recommend a mix of products and services based on your business’s needs to achieve success for your Featured Deal and beyond.

Merchant Services

This team works one-on-one with business owners and managers to prepare them for new customers and provide support throughout the process.

Preparation and support are essential to the success of any Groupon deal. By communicating what to expect from Groupon customers, how to redeem Groupons, and how to prepare staff for new customers, the merchant-services team ensures your Groupon experience is smooth from start to finish.


Our editorial team employs Groupon’s unique, engaging voice to craft each feature page and deal write-up.

We’ve heard from thousands of customers who say Groupon’s independent voice is why they trust us. Thanks to the relationships we’ve built with our customers, our experience ensures your Featured Deal not only reaches the most potential customers, but also the trustworthiness of your business.

City Planning

Groupon’s city planners create the schedules for each Groupon city every week. They schedule Featured Deals based on when customers are most likely to buy and determine the audience to whom the deal is sent.

This team acts as Groupon’s matchmaker for customers and businesses, so you get the greatest exposure to the most purchase-ready customers.

Customer Service

Our customer-service reps set up deal Q&A message boards and prepare for customers’ questions, which helps limit the phone and email support you have to provide.

This enables you to focus on delivering great service to all of your new customers, increasing the likelihood of those customers becoming regulars.

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