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November 2014
Jamba Juice squeezes results out of Groupon mobile tie-in

Mobile Commerce Daily looks at how a recent tie-in with Groupon deals generated a surge in sales and social engagement for national franchise Jamba Juice.

October 2014
Books & Brews unites craft beer enthusiasts with book worms to create a local brewbub

After an initial boost died down, Books & Brews in Indianapolis turned to Groupon to help them tap into the local beer crowd.

October 2014
Groupon Goes After Yelp And Google With Millions Of Individual Business Pages

TechCrunch reports Groupon taking one more step ahead in its bid to be more than a daily deals site and more of a go-to place for local businesses with the release of a new format and online presence called Pages.

October 2014
Groupon Channels Yelp with New Listings Service

The Wall Street Journal covers Groupon's announcement of a new section on its website it calls Pages, with phone numbers, operating hours and website URLs for seven million businesses.

September 2014
Groupon Doubles Down On Its DIY Deal Builder, Racks Up 25k Offers

TechCrunch looks at updates to Groupon's self-service tool, including more pricing, photographic and editorial options when businesses construct a promotion online.

September 2014
Music Acts Look to Groupon, LivingSocial for Help

Musicians such as Wiz Khalifa and Ciara are turning to Groupon to help them reach new audiences and engage busy fans.

September 2014
Apple Announces Mobile Payment Solution Called Apple Pay

Groupon is one of the first first mobile commerce companies to integrate with Apple Pay, a new mobile payments service that will provide an easy, secure and private way to make purchases from the Groupon app on the new iPhone models available in October.

September 2014
Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Seattle Refined talks about SideTour, an online marketplace where visitors can sign up on Groupon for tours and activities hosted by local experts in their city.

September 2014
Groupon Now Offers Reservation-Based Deals

Carlos Alferez, managing partner of James Beard Award-winning Frontera Grill, talks with The Chicago Tribune about how they use Groupon's newest time-based deals for their restaurant.

September 2014
Groupon Nips At Yelp and OpenTable With Time-Based Deals

TechCrunch covers Groupon's newest feature that will let businesses offer deals to users to be redeemed at a specific time in the day.

August 2014
Groupon Joins The Internet Association, a Leading Voice For Internet Issues

The Internet Association, the unified voice of Internet economy, welcomed Groupon as its 27th member, joining other major companies to forge a common voice in advancing public policy solutions to strengthen and protect Internet freedom, foster innovation and economic growth, and empower users.

July 2014
How Does Groupon Think About Social Innovation?

Patty Morrissey, head of social innovation at Groupon, talks about the company's focus on developing vibrant local communities and engaging consumers through local commerce.

May 2014
Groupon Goes After Square Register With New Gnome Point-Of-Sale Hardware

TechCrunch reports on Groupon's announcement of Gnome, an iPad-based point-of-sale solution. The platform includes an “all-in-one” cash register that can accept traditional payments as well as Groupon vouchers, integrated customer relationship management software, accounting software and more.

May 2014
Groupon to Replace Nearly All of Its Merchants’ Cash Registers With iPads

Bloomberg covers the announcement of Gnome, Groupon's new iPad-based checkout system that includes software to track cash and credit and debit card transactions and a tool that will allow a Groupon users to redeem an offer by simply telling a cashier their name at checkout.

May 2014
Groupon’s Deal Builder Targets New Customers

Amit Koren, senior director local product management, talks about Groupon's Deal Builder tool, which allows local and small businesses the chance to build their own Groupon deals to reach their target audience.

May 2014
Mountain Entrepreneur Meets ABC 'Shark'

ABC local news meets with Janet Casperson, winner of Groupon's Entrepreneur Advice Contest and cafe owner, to talk about her opportunity to meet real estate mogul and co-star of Shark Tank Barbara Corcoran.

April 2014
Groupon Returns to TV With First U.S. Commercials Since 2011 Super Bowl

AdAge covers Groupon's returns to the U.S. airwaves as a TV advertiser for the first time since the 2011 Super Bowl.

February 2014
Groupon Unveils Self-Service Tool to Draw Merchants to Deal Site

Bloomberg talks with Dan Roarty, vice president of product development, about Groupon's new self-service feature that provides templates and step-by-step directions for merchants to create a deal on GrouponWorks.com.

February 2014
Groupon Unveils Self-Serve, DIY Deal-Making Tool for Merchants

Entrepreneur looks at Groupon's new tool called Deal Builder that allows merchants to construct a promotion without having to speak with a representative.

January 2014
Favin the Beauty Maven Debuts on Groupon

Groupon announced the new face of its growing health, beauty and wellness category, Favin the Beauty Maven. Favin will be sharing her beauty tips and tricks and providing insight into a variety of trends and unique treatments, all with an emphasis on maintaining health, beauty and wellness without breaking the bank.

December 2013
Groupon Launches Free Holiday Gifting for Local Businesses

Groupon announced two new solutions for last-minute shoppers: the Grouponvelope and the digital gift voucher. With these new options, Groupon lets local merchants who do not have a gift card program reach millions of customers looking for last-minute but thoughtful holiday gift ideas.

December 2013
Aiming to Build Customer Loyalty in Hands-On Activities

NYTimes.com talks with Pam Nelson, co-founder of Butter Lane Cupcakes, about how their Groupon deal built business and brought in loyal customers.

November 2013
Groupon Adds Freebies Category to Marketplace — Making Holiday Shopping Easier and More Affordable for Consumers

Groupon announced the launch of Freebies, a new category in its ecommerce marketplace that provides shoppers with an easy way to save money in the online stores of their favorite brands.

November 2013
Groupon Offers Customizable Deals To Attract More Merchants

Groupon is focusing on refining and growing its merchant business to help build relationships with businesses of all sizes, as well as extend products and brands to consumers worldwide.

November 2013
Your Stories: Photo Barn

Local news WBIR interviews owners of Photo Barn, discussing how Groupon not only helped their business but also led them to break deal records.

November 2013
Groupon updates apps and site for 5th anniversary

Internet Retailer looks into Groupon's mobile growth in the past five years and new app updates that make it easier for customers to shop Groupon’s large selection of deals.

November 2013
Groupon Dresses Up to Celebrate Five Years with New Website, Mobile Apps

Groupon announced a completely redesigned website, as well as updated versions of its popular iPhone, Android and iPad mobile apps, all with new features aimed at making it easier than ever for customers to shop Groupon's vast selection of local deals.

October 2013
Groupon and Small Business

Andy Murphy, consumer investigative reporter at CBS Atlanta News, takes an in-depth look at Groupon and talks to the owner of Youthtopia Med Spa about her deal experience.

October 2013
A Fresh Look: 7 Ways to Make Daily Deals Work Now

Inc. talks with Julie Szudarek, VP and GM of North America Local Deals for Groupon, to see what makes a Groupon campaign successful.

October 2013
Troupe’s growth is no mystery

Grand Rapids Business Journal talks with theater owner Scott Cramton to hear how Groupon boost his business.

October 2013
Chicago's Finest Tours Entrepreneur Shares Love for His City

Fox32 interviews Dan O'Connell about starting his business from a passion after corporate retirement and how Groupon helped him get off the ground.

October 2013
Woman quits job, finds small business success through Groupon

Local news WISTV talked to Jana Gambrell, owner of Palmetto Paint & Pour, who started her business to follow a passion but struggled with success until she worked with Groupon.

September 2013
This Business Makes Its Margins At 58% Off

Chicago Grid looks at Urban Kayaks' economics of running an everyday business, including how they used Groupon to get started and now to maintain local marketing.

September 2013
Daily Deals Evolve

QSR Magazine talks to the owners of Smashburger and NYC Bagel Deli about Groupon's suite of new services to help with a variety of business needs.

August 2013
Groupon Launches Groupon Partner Network, a Global Affiliate Marketing Platform to Help Partners Better Monetize Online Presence

Groupon announced the launch of the Groupon Partner Network, the first proprietary local e-commerce affiliate marketing platform designed to help online publishers better monetize their online presence through the promotion of Groupon deals.

August 2013
3 Tips to Enjoy a Night With the Family Without Killing the Budget

As a part of their Real Money series, ABC World News shows families how to save money on a night out, including using Groupon Reserve for affordable local dining.

August 2013
Soul food restaurant owner pays employees before himself to grow business

Gregory Plummer, co-owner of Detroit's Enjoy Again Family Restaurant, talks about running his local business and how Groupon's helped him grow.

August 2013
Groupon's Restaurant Reservation Service Goes Mobile

Todd Wasserman at Mashable covers Reserve's mobile launch, offering premium restaurant experiences to consumers on-the-go.

July 2013
Groupon Climbs Social Ladder

Jon Swartz of USA Today writes about the nationwide launch of Groupon Reserve and the company's recent growth.

July 2013
Groupon Expands Premium Offerings with Groupon Reserve

Groupon announced Groupon Reserve, the premiere destination for the finest things to eat, see, do and buy. Debuting on Reserve is Savored.com's reservations engine that lets customers book tables at some of the best restaurants in their city at discounts of up to 40 percent.

June 2013
Groupon Strikes In 2013 With the Breadcrumb POS iPad App for Small Businesses

Farhan Niazi of Small Biz Technology outlines the benefits and features of Breadcrumb POS, a new and lighter addition to the family of the original Breadcrumb PRO system.

June 2013
How Groupon and Andrew Mason helped Chicago's NYC Bagel Deli grow

Lewis Lazare of Chicago Business Journal looks at how Groupon helped restaurant owner Corey Kaplan.

June 2013
Breadcrumb develops POS system geared toward local businesses

Fast Casual's Cherryh Butler interviews Seth Harris, founder of Groupon-owned Breadcrumb, to discuss how the company's new POS system works well for small business owners.

June 2013
Marketing Campaigns with Groupon: An Interview with Club Pilates

Allison Beardsley, founder and CEO of Club Pilates, explains how her business used Groupon to grow during challenging economic times in the competitive fitness marketplace.

June 2013
Groupon’s Recipe For Daily Deals Success

How can a restaurant use a daily deals promotion to successfully set their establishment apart? That's the question Groupon and the National Restaurant Association sought to answer as part of a new survey released via infographic this May.

May 2013
Groupon and National Restaurant Association Offer Best Practices for Daily Deal Success

Based on polling more than 500 restaurant decision makers, including 152 who have participated in daily deal campaigns, and taking into consideration what prior research has shown, Groupon and the National Restaurant Association are providing restaurateurs with some of the top tactics for success with daily deal marketing campaigns.

May 2013
Blazing a trail with Breadcrumb?

Mark Brandau from Nation's Restaurant News looks at Groupon's joint study with the National Restaurant Association and the positive impact of Breadcrumb POS on the industry moving forward.

May 2013
Groupon Expands Breadcrumb POS, Shifts its Small Business Strategy

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends looks at how Groupon is providing technology systems to help local businesses become more profitable and increase sales.

May 2013
Groupon Expands Point-of-Sale Suite with New Breadcrumb iPad App

Groupon announced the launch of Breadcrumb POS, a free iPad app that enables quick-service eateries, salons, spas and retail merchants to replace their cash registers with an easy-to-use solution.

March 2013
Groupon Honors Local Businesses with ''Best of Groupon Merchants'' Collection

Groupon honored many of its top local merchants in the ''Best of Groupon Merchants'' collection. The featured local businesses boast some of the most popular deals in their markets and consistently deliver the highest levels of customer service.

March 2013
Groupon Holds First-Ever Grouponicon Conference for Small Businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Groupon hosted its first Grouponicon: an invite-only opportunity for merchants to network with peers, connect with Groupon in an intimate setting and learn about the latest tools available to help them grow their businesses.

February 2013
Breadcrumb App Update Adds Inventory Management and Expanded Features for Delivery Businesses

Breadcrumb released Breadcrumb 1.4, an update to its iPad point-of-sale (POS) app for restaurants and bars that makes it easier for businesses to keep track of inventory counts, take delivery orders and apply and monitor tips.

January 2013
Do your Groupon offers make money?

Bob Krummert of Restaurant Hospitality looks at how the Merchant Impact Report is helping restaurants run successful deals with Groupons.

January 2013
Are Daily Deals a Steal?: A Look At Eyecare Retail Success in the Online Voucher Market

Catherine Wolinski of VisionMonday writes about five retail optical operations across the country that have used Groupon to help grow their business.

January 2013
Groupon Releases Updated Groupon Merchants App for Android, v2.2, with Groupon Payments

Groupon announces the release of the newest version of the Groupon Merchants app for Android (v2.2), which incorporates Groupon Payments into the platform, offering merchants a better way to accept credit cards at the guaranteed lowest overall rates.

January 2013
Groupon Unveils Free Merchant Impact Report, Helping Local Businesses Measure the Performance of their Groupon Deal

Groupon launches the Merchant Impact Report, a free tool built into the Groupon Merchant Center that offers merchants a clear view of how Groupon is driving their business by making it possible to evaluate the performance of their promotion.

December 2012
Breadcrumb's app update will speed business operations

Breadcrumb has unveiled an upgrade to its iPad POS for restaurants, bars and cafes.

December 2012
Groupon’s Breadcrumb iPad app gets simple sign-in, faster credit payments, and check splitting features

Breadcrumb releases an update to its Point of Sale iPad app, making it simpler to sign-in, view checks and access card payments, split the check payments evenly, and more.

November 2012
Groupon Teams Up With SCORE On Small Business Resources

Groupon announces its partnership with nonprofit SCORE, which has developed a series of online educational resources about customer acquisition, retention and marketing for small businesses.

November 2012
Groupon and SCORE Unite to Help Small Businesses

Groupon partners with SCORE to develop a series of online educational resources about customer acquisition, retention and marketing for small businesses.

October 2012
Groupon's New POS Is The Latest Tool In Its Kit For Local Businesses

A restaurant POS system called Breadcrumb is the latest startup for local businesses to get the Groupon treatment.

October 2012
Groupon Serves Up Breadcrumb®, an iPad Point-of-Sale Solution for Hospitality Businesses

Groupon announces the national launch of Breadcrumb®, an easy-to-use, powerful and affordable point-of-sale (POS) solution that runs on iPads for restaurants, bars and cafes.

September 2012
Groupon sinks teeth into mobile restaurant deals with Savored acquisition

Groupon’s acquisition of online reservation services Savored is the latest example of how the company is building out its mobile offerings for merchants and other businesses.

September 2012
Groupon Completes Acquisition of Savored

Groupon announces its acquisition of Savored, a leading provider of reservations at the best restaurants across the United States.

September 2012
New Groupon Payments Service Offers Local Businesses the Lowest Rates on Credit Card Transactions

Groupon launches new payment solution offering Groupon Merchants guaranteed lowest rates on credit card processing fees.

August 2012
Groupon Doing Good

Groupon Grassroots is the nonprofit arm of Groupon that aims to leverage Groupon's brand and popularity to activate citizenship and foster community building.

August 2012
Groupon's New App Hints At A Change In Course

Groupon's mobile app gets a make-over! The new design makes it easy to flip between Groupon services like Groupon Now!, Groupon Goods, and Groupon Getaways.

June 2012
Groupon: Beyond Fast Deals But Intelligence For Merchants With New Dashboard

Groupon now has new tools for its merchants to help them extract more revenue and high quality returning customers from their Groupon daily deals. These new tools include the Merchant Center dashboard, Groupon Scheduler, Groupon Rewards and Groupon Now!

June 2012
Groupon Invigorates Park Use

Groupon’s relationship with Spokane’s Riverfront Park has been so successful in generating ticket sales; the park recently chose to run a new feature deal. The park board president calls Groupon a solid program.

May 2012
Groupon Live Ticket Service to Move Toward ‘Experiences’

Noah Davis of Street Fight interviews Greg Rudin, GrouponLive general manager. Rudin explained that in addition to helping move inventory that wasn’t otherwise moving, GrouponLive also works earlier in the sales cycle to move a limited number of tickets and create event buzz.

May 2012
Can Groupon Rewards Transform Local Commerce?

E.B. Boyd of Fast Company writes about the nationwide launch of Groupon Rewards, and how Groupon is working to help merchants grow their businesses and manage their operations more effectively.

April 2012
Groupon Launches G-Pass, a Fast Lane for GrouponLive Events

G-Pass, a new GrouponLive feature, lets users bypass the box office line and straight to the entry line on event day, making customers’ wait times shorter.

March 2012
Daily Deal Website Groupon Helps Bring New Customers

Hana Putnam, a customer of Devil’s Pizza Factory in Tempe, Ariz., said that she learned about the business after seeing their Groupon deal. According to assistant manager Andrew McDaniel, Groupon has been a key advertising tool for the restaurant.

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