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"We would absolutely use Groupon again."
— Kristina K-W. from Lion Solutions in Sacramento, CA.
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Effective marketing. Measurable results. Satisfied merchants.

Grow your business with the most effective local marketing available today. Whether you’re looking for new customers, a better way to sell your goods, or the industry’s best payments and iPad point-of-sale systems, we’ve created a solution to meet your unique business needs.

Effective Alone, Dynamic Together

Local Deals

Get the right number of new customers for your business

Point of Sale

Get a simpler, more affordable iPad POS


Accept credit card payments at remarkably low rates
Together, our programs establish your business as a local favorite while making and saving you money.

There’s a Groupon for Every Business

Groupon offers our customers great deals on all the best things to eat, see, buy, and do. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a Groupon solution for you.


The best deals on local entertainment


Exclusive deals on premium travel experiences


Great deals on remarkable products

Groupon for
National Brands

National deals let customers redeem in any city

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