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Groupon for
National Brands

Reach customers across the country with a deal that lets them redeem in any city.

National Reach. Local Impact.

Groupon gives your national brand the most effective way to localize its business. With millions of subscribers and sophisticated targeting, we help your brand reach a massive audience of quality customers to boost demand and increase online traffic. In just a single day, Groupon National Deals turned over $11 million in sales for The Gap by selling 400,000 Groupons. As Groupon expands globally (now in 48 countries and 500+ markets worldwide), the potential for even greater success grows with it.
Groupon National Brands
Who We’ve Worked With
The Gap, Avis®, Nordstrom Rack, The Body Shop®, Barnes & Noble,
Sports Authority®, Virgin America,
General Mills,
and more!

Top Line Tool for Top Name Brands

We’ve improved the way national brands increase online traffic and sales, so it’s no wonder why so many top name businesses use Groupon.

Maximum Exposure for Coupons and Special Offers

Put your coupons, promo codes, samples, and giveaways in front of shoppers looking for an easy way to save on their favorite brands. With a huge selection of leading brands and exclusive offers, Groupon Freebies gives customers another reason to check Groupon first.
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