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“The marketing reach of a GrouponLive sale creates a level of buzz that would cost thousands to generate by booking traditional advertising.”
— Max Wagner from North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, IL


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Put your live event in front of a massive audience with Groupon Live, where millions of Groupon users go for amazing deals on their favorite live events.
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Madison Square Garden,
The Radio City Rockettes, Body Worlds,
Cirque du Soleil, Britney Spears,
Lil Wayne, Brad Paisley, Chicago White Sox,
Manchester United, Emerald Downs,
and more!

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From small, local venues to top performers at big arena shows, we have some of the hottest tickets in town. Merchants like you have increased sales and created demand by tapping into GrouponLive’s massive audience.
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Your GrouponLive deal will be carefully crafted to get the word out loud ‘n clear and pack the house for your next event.

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